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Your Guide To Traveling In Guam

Known as the gateway to Micronesia, Guam is where America's day begins. A territory of the United States, this stunning island paradise offers beautiful beaches, magnificent golf courses, hiking trails, world-class shopping, and international dining. As the hub of the Western Pacific, Guam is located three to four hours from Japan and South Korea and is easily accessible from the US. The indigenous Chamorros people pride themselves on their unique culture.
Pacific Islands Club Guam is located in Tumon on the northwest coast in the municipality of Tamuning, the center of Guam's tourist industry. Tumon features high-end shopping, including Micronesia Mall, a bustling nightlife, entertainment, and gorgeous beaches surrounded by clear water. And the capital city of Hagatna is only a few miles away. Come experience the magic of Guam at our beachfront resort on Tumon Bay.


Guam typically has two seasons: wet and dry. The dry season begins in December and runs through May, while June through November is considered rainy season. The island is breezy in the evenings and sunny during the day. Sun block is encouraged, and Guam's climate averages 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
Island Culture at Pacific Islands Club Guam

Island Culture

Guam's beautiful culture amazes visitors from around the world. Catholicism is the island's predominant religion. Each village has a Catholic church with a patron saint. Every month a village celebrates the feast day of their saint, known as a village fiesta. This celebration takes place at family residences and everyone is invited to experience the saint's feast day. In addition to village fiestas, it is common to celebrate weddings, birthdays, graduations, and celebrations in a "fiesta" style with delicious local food, music, dancing, and entertainment.

Chamorro People and Language

The indigenous people of Guam are known as the Chamorro. However, Guam is home to many nationalities, such as Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Micronesia Islanders and Americans. While English is commonly spoken throughout the island, Chamorro is the official language of Guam and many people speak it at home and among friends. Chamorro is taught throughout Guam's public schools. Some common phrases include:
  • Hafa Adai - Hello or Welcome
  • Buenas dihas - Good Morning
  • Buenas noches - Good Evening
  • Gof Mauleg - Very Good
  • Esta Agupa' - Until Tomorrow
  • Hayi na'an-mu - What is your name?
  • Si Yu'os Ma'ase - Thank You
  • Adios - Good Bye

Traveling To Guam

It's easy to travel to Guam. Several airlines serve Guam through its international airport, including China Airlines, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and United Airlines. If you are a national coming from one of the 36 countries that participates in the United State's visa waiver program, you do not need a visa to visit.

Businesses and Activities

Corporate Offices

  • Bank of Guam - 1.6 km/1 miles
  • United Airlines - 3.2 km/2 miles
  • Deloitte & Touche - 3.1 km/1.9 miles
  • Delta Airlines - 3.2 km/2 miles
  • Ernst & Young - 1.6 km/1.0 mile
  • First Hawaiin Bank - 3.2 km/2 miles
  • GTA Teleguam - 2.4 km/1.5 miles
  • South Pacific Petroleum Corp - 2.4 km/1.5 miles


  • DFS Galleria - 0.6 km/0.4 miles
  • Guam Premier Outlets - 1.6 km/1 miles
  • Kmart - 0.1 km/0.1 miles
  • Tumon Sands Plaza - 0.6 km/0.4 miles


  • Country Club of the Pacific (CCP) - 19 km/12 miles
  • Leo Palace Resort - 13 km/8 miles
  • Mangilao Golf Club - 11 km/7 miles
  • Talofofo Golf Club - 26 km/16 miles

Local Attractions

  • Chamorro Village/Guam Night Market - 9.7 km/6 miles
  • Talofofo Falls - 26 km/16 miles
  • Two Lovers Point - 6.4 km/4 miles


  • Guam Visitors Bureau - 0.32 km/0.2 miles
  • Guam Memorial Hospital - 1.5 km/1 miles

Government Offices

  • Japanese Embassy - 1.6 km/1 miles