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Have Fun at our Action-Packed Saipan waterpark

Surf's up! Grab a boogie board and hit the rushing waves at Point Break, the exciting bodysurfing wave machine at our Saipan resort. Glide across the flowing water as you spin back and forth to show off your moves. If you're brand new to bodysurfing, our Clubmates will teach you how to cut through the waves at your own pace. It's easy to hang loose at the PIC Waterpark. The surf is always perfect at Point Break.

Point Break Waterpark also features thrilling water slides, some over 60 feet long. Soak up the sun and float down the Lazy River where you can circle the pool by drifting with the current.

Stay tuned in for the upcoming 12th International Point Break Open coming your way on September 14th and 15th. More details to follow.