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Meet Our Charming Micronesia Resorts Mascot

PIC's mascot, Siheky, is a caricature of the nearly extinct Micronesian Kingfisher from the island of Guam. AT PIC, our goal is to preserve and increase awareness for this species by creating a mascot that not only serves as an iconic symbol, but creates familiarity with the near extinct bird. Only 60 sihek survive in captivity in 11 institutions within the continental United States, and 3 were recently transferred to a new facility on Guam. The sihek has a recovery priority number of 3 on a scale of 1 (highest) to 18 (lowest), reflecting a high degree of threat, strong prospects for recovery, and its taxonomic status as a subspecies.You can hear the bird call loudly when people are near.  

The Story of Siheky

In a land far far away a brave young bird started a journey
He went by the name…  Siheky
He traveled far, and he traveled wide
It got pretty lonely with no one by his side
The journey was treacherous there was no land that was near
Afraid and alone, grew greater his fear
He longed for a home, a place where he would belong
To his surprise while flying one day, he heard this beautiful song
It called out to him, this beautiful melody
Of laughter and cheer, it was a place she had longed to be
He landed on the grounds of the beautiful Pacific Islands Club hotel
But this would just be the beginning of Siheky's long-lived tale
Happiness and joy filled the air, The spirit of PIC drew Siheky near
The people loved Siheky, and as well Siheky grew fond of them, too
Was this a dream or did Siheky's wish finally come true?
The people loved Siheky and as a mascot he was meant to be
Siheky's presence was indeed a beautiful gift to PIC
For a long time Siheky had searched for a place to call his own
He was finally happy to find his nesting ground,
In his heart he knew PIC was his home.